Give everyone in your organization powerful and rick data tools across Microsoft Dynamics CRM to optimize sales, marketing and customer service.

Our CRM strategy is designed to adapt innovative customer management processes to reduce costs and increase profitability. Nihilent Technologie's CRM offerings help Sales, Marketing and Services achieve business success by making quick, yet informed, decisions on everything from cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, to target marketing strategies and competitive positioning tactics.  


     Build Intelligence into CRM
     Applying machine learning to prospect and customer data, Nihilent Technologies helps companies predict buying behavior for more focused, effective marketing and sales. Nihilent Technologies builds intelligence into Microsoft Dynamics CRM providing:
      ·    Continuous improvement in marketing and sales with data-based predictions of customer behavior
      ·    Enriched prospect and customer profiles, combining relevant internal and external data sources to improve buying decision predictions
      ·    Improved effectiveness for both marketing and sales by offering the right product to the right prospect at the right time


     Enriched Customer Experience
     Nihilent Technologies helps businesses provide an enriched customer service experience, unifying multi-channel support with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to:
      ·    Provide 24/7 self-service options through live chat, knowledgebase (KB) articles and troubleshooting documents to build customer satisfaction
      ·    Reduce repetitive inquiries on high-cost channels
      ·    Support personalized engagement by providing Customer Service Reps (CSRs) with complete customer account information
     Nihilent Technologie's CRM offerings include:
        CRM Consulting ·  CRM Implementation ·  Social CRM Implementation
       CRM Integration ·  Application Support & Maintenance
       Legacy Data Migration ·  Mobile CRM Implementation · Analytics & Dashboards


Case Study: To improve operating efficiencies and enhance delivery of life-saving air medical services, AMGH sought to modernize its existing IT infrastructure and BI services by teaming up with Nihilent Technologies. Learn More.

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